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    We are specialists of AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Natual Language Processing with 100 developers database.

    We match you and skillful AI developer. It will be very easy to kick-off AI project through Team AI.

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    Team AI is AI developer match making platform by Jenio Inc.


    Team AI is your best AI developer team.

    We are experienced AI developers. From rule-based auto response to high-level prediction or analysis. We cover all the areas of AI.

    The service includes Machine Learning (Amazon Machine Learning/Azure Machine Learning)、Natural Language Processing、Deep Learning(Google TensorFlow/Caffe).

    From Idea to Development

    Please tell us your requirement.

    If you have a specific idea, please tell us the details.

    We will start development immediately.

    If you need strategy advice, our specialists will help you.

    We will report the weekly progress until the end.

    5 types of AI

    We cover all the categories.

    a)AI for language processing

    Reading text, understand the context(natural language processing/Morphological analysis), auto-generate text with meaning.


    b)AI for image recognition

    Recognize objects in image and video.

    Process and generate image and video.


    c)AI for sound recognition

    Text to Speech/Speech to Text processing.

    Recognize music and sound, then take action.

    Process and generate sound or music


    d)AI for control hardware

    Control car and machine

    Control electric device, facility and IoT.


    e)AI for optimization and prediction

    Optimization for search engine and ad network

    Improve strategy for games

    Solve complicated optimization problem


    Business Use Case

    AI has a big impact on all industries

    i) AI for Legal

    Analyze and summarize contract

    Check error and risk in contract


    ii)AI for Customer Support

    Make useful auto-Q&A for bank

    Build conversational chatbot

    Recommend engine for best answers


    iii)AI for Sales

    Optimization for BtoB customer relation management

    Build conversational e-commerce


    iv)AI for Audit and Compliance

    Auto expense check for audit

    Auto eliminate adult contents


    v) AI for Medical

    Analyze data of X-ray and MRI

    Image analysis by deep learning


    vi) AI for Business Analysis and Research

    Summarize large amount of documents

    Analyze big data and summarize important points


    vii) AI for Investment

    Analyze financial data

    Optimize asset management


    viii) AI for operation

    AI assistant for scheduling appointment


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